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Janitorial Service Helps Office Productivity

A study from the International Data Corporation found that a messy work environment can cost businesses $2.5 million in employee productivity every year. Whether decreased productivity is caused by clutter-induced distractions or sickness related absences from workplace exposure to germs, it all comes down to one core issue. Cleanliness. Hiring a professional janitorial service is the most effective way to eliminate issues of workplace cleanliness.

Reasons for Outsourcing Your Corporate Cleaning:

Less Distractions

A clean work environment eliminates distractions. Allow your employees to focus on their work instead of their cubical mate’s smelly waste bin or the office bathroom being out of toilet paper. Less distractions mean full focus and better quality work.

Fewer Sick Days

The average office worker spends 6.5 hours each day behind a desk harboring over 10 million types of bacteria. It’s no wonder why the average employee loses 9 working days each year to illness. Did you know that janitorial services are considered a type of nonpharmaceutical intervention (NPI) according to the Center of Disease Control (CDC)? Janitorial services are paramount in preventing the spread of sickness among workers.

Boost Morale

Just as a freshly cleaned house has the ability to lift our mood, the same is true for workers in a clean office. Employees who are happier at work are also likely to get more done. A daily or even weekly janitorial service can be key to a happy work environment.

So why can’t you just internalize your cleaning needs?

You certainly can, but hiring an in house cleaner means also taking on the additional time and expenses of recruiting, training, payroll, healthcare and more. You could also try to rally your existing staff to pitch in on cleaning tasks, but expecting your IT or HR workers to provide the same level of cleaning you would get outsourcing to a professional janitorial company may be unrealistic. A janitorial company will provided their own materials for cleaning, maintain their own equipment, come with their own liability insurance, staff, and experience to maintain your facility in the most efficient and cost effective way.

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