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Window Cleaning to “Look Out” for Your Home or Commercial Building

Window cleaning is not merely a cosmetic task. Far from it, regular cleaning of your windows is important to protect them from irreversible damage. Keeping your windows clean can also improve your structure’s insulation and curb appeal. Below are risks of neglecting your windows and tips for keeping them clean. Dirty Damage Windows are an…

Allergy Symptoms: Combat Them with Cleaning

Allergy season is upon us. Sometimes it may feel as though nothing can combat the itching, sneezing, hives and headaches. Cleaning can be key to keeping allergy symptoms at bay. Tips for removing allergy triggers through cleaning: Vacuuming Vacuuming of any space should happen at least 1-2 times per week to control allergens. Still, some…

Pressure Washing Not Simply for Appearances

Pressure washing is often viewed as an extravagant service performed only to enhance the appearance of a building or surface. In reality, there are many structural and health benefits to this type of cleaning. Exterior surfaces are constantly exposed to the elements and pollutants. Every day, exterior structures and surfaces can see wind, rain, smog,…

Disinfection vs Cleaning: The Difference is Key

Disinfection has become paramount in keeping our communities functioning during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, disinfection does not diminish the importance of cleaning itself. To provide the most effective service to our customers, we train our team on the differences between disinfection and cleaning. Cleaning Cleaning is the act of removing dirt, germs and other unwanted…


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Serving Western Washington for more than 25 years, there's no cleaning questions we can't answer in our blog
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Frontline Cleaning Services & Supplies has been providing commercial and residential maintenance to Northwest Washington for 25 years. We are a team of more than 70 skilled janitors and maintenance technicians with decades of cleaning knowledge and experience among us to share.

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