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Window Cleaning to “Look Out” for Your Home or Commercial Building

Window cleaning is not merely a cosmetic task. Far from it, regular cleaning of your windows is important to protect them from irreversible damage. Keeping your windows clean can also improve your structure’s insulation and curb appeal. Below are risks of neglecting your windows and tips for keeping them clean.

Dirty Damage

Windows are an important feature of any structure and can be expensive to replace. This is why it is important to maintain your windows. As dirt accumulates on windows, it can scratch the glass, degrading the surface over time. When windows are neglected, this dirt and grime can work it’s way into the frames, causing damage to seals in double pane windows. This damage can then lead to discoloration and moisture accumulation between the panes. As the exterior of your windows are constantly exposed to the elements, they can also become susceptible to acid rain, minerals in hard water and other environmental factors. This constant exposure can lead to corrosion of window glass, sills, seals and frames.

Heating Help

This corrosion is not only ugly, it can have negative effects on the insulating properties of your windows as well. Dirt can act as a sunlight filter on windows, limiting the amount of heat they can generate. Keeping your windows clean can increase thermal efficiency and decrease the cost of heating your home or business.

Real Appeal

Not only will window cleaning add obvious curb appeal to the exterior of your home or business. It can also add appeal to the interior space, making the environment warmer and brighter by maximizing natural light coming in. Your house plants will thank you for it.

Window cleaning is an important tasks for prolonging the life of your windows and the thermal efficiency and curb appeal of your home

How often should I schedule a window cleaning service?

How often you schedule a window cleaning service may depend on several factors including where you are located. For example, if you are close to the ocean, constant exposure to salt may cause scratches on glass and corroded frames. In contrast, if you are in an inland neighborhood, you may be exposed to less potentially damaging environmental factors. Experts suggest cleaning your windows at least two times annually. Window cleaning is best performed in spring and fall months, when temperatures are less likely to cause the cleaning chemicals to dry or freeze too quickly.

So, how do I perform a window cleaning?

Cleaning a window with the wrong method or chemicals may leave sticky residue on windows which will only attract more dirt. Using the right tools and chemicals is important. Hiring a professional really is the best decision to ensure streak free, sparkling windows. Professional window cleaners will come equipped with tools and tricks you will not be able to pull off on your own, such deionized water systems and extension poles. However, if you are determined to complete this task on your own, investing in a good squeegee and lint-free cloths is a must. Refrain from using paper towels on windows, which can cause microscopic etching. Pressure washing windows can also cause etching and should be avoided.

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